Why You Should Get a Regular Audit of Your IT Security

Why You Should Get a Regular Audit of Your IT Security

Welcome to the Age of Technology, in which everything seems to be connected through the Internet and internal networks. If you are running a business, you most likely have a network that you and your employees use for operational tasks.

Your network might seem secure to you, but how are you really going to know without getting it checked out thoroughly? There could be all kinds of internal issues that you cannot see with an untrained eye.

That is why getting your business's network a security audit for all of the information technology (IT) would be a good idea. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing for a fact that your business's data is secure.

If you still aren't convinced that an audit is in your best interest, continue reading the rest of this article about reasons you need to consider getting one.

Getting a Security Audit is Worth the Investment

It is likely that most of your business's information and operations are run on a computer. It is also likely that such a computer is connected to the Internet in one way or another.

Unfortunately, even network systems that have been tried and true can't prevent every single cybersecurity threat out there. Plus, as much as we like to trust our employees, sometimes they can't help but make a significant error here and there.

These errors and cybersecurity threats, though, can be catastrophic for your business. All it takes is one threat to be successful, and your business could be out of operation for a while, perhaps even many weeks if it is severe enough.

Even worse than being out of operation, your business could actually have profits stolen by malicious cybersecurity threats. This could take the form of stolen data, or it could even be directly stolen assets. Even though it will cost you to run a proper IT audit, it would be work saving you potential headaches and even higher costs in the future.

Not Everyone is an IT Expert

As mentioned above, you might feel like your business's network is completely secure. There is simply no way to tell except by an IT expert, though.

Even if you have a proficient IT team, sometimes humans make mistakes. No person can know absolutely all the ins and outs of a network system, and it's important to safeguard your business against such threats.

It takes more than just running a virus check that supposedly makes sure everything is in working order. A proper audit of your systems requires an experienced and proficient IT team, preferably from an outside source.

Prevent Ransomware

One threat that could be prevented by a proper audit is that of ransomware. Ransomware is pretty much what it sounds like. An email or message is sent to yourself or an employee, disguising itself as a friendly source.

Then, someone innocently clicks just the right link in the message. Next, your entire system is held "ransom" until a certain amount of money is paid to the source of the attack.

You should know that on average, a business gets hit with a ransomware attack in the United States once every forty seconds. Clearly, you don't want to be among the numbers of businesses who lose profit because of a simple mistake. A proper security audit could ensure such threats become less likely at your business.

There is a lot to navigate when it comes to detecting ransomware. If you have more questions about this threat, click here to read more detailed information.

Prevent Phishing

Another common cybersecurity threat is called "phishing." Phishing is also an email or message that is disguised as a trustworthy source.

The goal of phishing is to convince the recipient to enter sensitive or crucial information, which will then be used against the victim. It might look like a message from someone who seems to be looking for a long-lost relative and asks the recipient to enter information to "verify" they have found the right person. It could even look like a company is trying to give away a prize, but that sensitive contact information is required before the prize can be delivered.

Perhaps your employee unknowingly enters information about your company, thinking that he or she is doing the right thing. The next thing you know, important data has been stolen, and your business is at a loss.

These attacks can cause real damage to a company. In fact, the average cost of phishing attacks for mid-sized companies is about $1.6 million. Prevent such a catastrophic event by getting a proper IT audit today.

Prevent Malware

The last threat detailed in this article is malware, which would also be more preventable with a solid security audit. Malware is software that is less about stealing data and more about being malicious to its victims.

Malware is sent to a network with the sole intention of shutting it down or freezing operations. It is an unfortunate truth that people everywhere are looking for ways to bully others, and the digital world is no exception.

If malware is successful in infiltrating your business's network, there is no end to the damage it could cause. Some malware programs are built so that once a network has been shut down, the creator of the program can go in and steal information. This information could then be used to make the malware creator some money, all at the cost of your business.

It's Always Smart To Get an Outside Perspective

Even if you do trust your competent IT team, it never hurts to get a second opinion about the security of your business's data and network. A security audit from an outside party will be thorough and detailed, so you can trust that everything that should be found will be found.

We know what it takes to provide a proper and thorough IT audit. If you are ready for the peace of mind that comes from trusting your business is safe from cybersecurity threats, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

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