5 Benefits of SaaS That Will Help Your Company Succeed

5 Benefits of SaaS That Will Help Your Company Succeed

Business in the United States and around the world is booming.

Unemployment rates are low. Consumer confidence is up. And businesses are turning record profits on the backs of increased consumer spending.

All of those factors for your business mean a lot of opportunities. That is of course if you're willing to streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and make strong market moves.

Therein lies the value of the topic we are going to be talking about today. Software as a Service (or SaaS as we'll be referencing it as throughout this piece).

SaaS refers to cloud-based applications that are licensed on a subscription basis. These applications encompass a wide variety of company tasks and are replacing the need for locally installed programs.

In this article, we will run through 5 key benefits of SaaS your company could be reaping right now by upgrading your processes to it.

1. SaaS Will Save You Money

When you're talking about enterprise-grade computer applications, the type of functionality to cost ratio you can get from SaaS versus traditional locally hosted programs is staggering.

SaaS is sold on a subscription basis meaning there are price tiers based on how much functionality you need to get out of the software. That fact should be music to small business owner's ears.

Never again do you need to pay for huge one-size-fits-all enterprise licenses for your locally installed programs. Instead, you'll pay low monthly or annual rates that are directly contingent on how much your company needs to get out of a SaaS application.

Put simply, your costs for using an app will go up when your profits balloon. They then can come down during slow periods.

You have got to love that kind of flexibility.

2. SaaS Scales Fast

If you run a medium to large sized business, it can be extremely difficult to get all of your employee's computers on the same page when it comes to important software.

You have to install software on every computer, ensure that the software is updated, do whatever weird server hacks you have to do to enable some half-hearted collaboration features... it's a nightmare.

SaaS takes that whole annoying, red-taped process and tosses it into a paper shredder. Via SaaS, getting new users up and running with an application is as easy as them requesting a login.

Once they're in, they're already associated with your company's broader account and can have access to (or not have access to with user-based restrictions) your organization's key pieces of data.

In the corporate world, IT can spend weeks getting a new employee all of the programs and logins they need to start being productive. With SaaS, you'll have everything up in well under an hour.

3. SaaS is Device and Lifestyle Compatible

Businesses are switching to more nimble and location independent models. To that end, 43% of working Americans at least spend some time each year working from home. Others work from home full time using their own devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.).

All of those variables can make running your company effectively a complete nightmare if you're trying to be progressive and offer your employees more work from home flexibility.

That is unless your processes are run via SaaS.

SaaS applications go wherever you go and work on whatever devices you're using.

That means, if all of your key applications were SaaS-based, you could literally go to your employees and say, "Starting tomorrow, everyone will be working from home." and so long as your employees had an internet connection, their productivity wouldn't skip a beat.

Bottom Line: SaaS applications are built to run in web browsers. If your employees have access to one, where they're at and what devices they're using won't matter.

4. Reduction in Learning Curves

Customer service and learning resources with traditional locally installed programs are notoriously bad. SaaS applications are exactly the opposite.

With many of the top SaaS applications, the creators of the app have robust, user-friendly video tutorials. They also offer access to online training seminars and may even offer to send trainers to your office to conduct multi-day learning seminars in person.

The level of service you'll get through SaaS and the speed at which you learn how to fit your SaaS applications to your processes is incredible.

5. Updates

The cost of a data breach in today's economy is about 3.9 million dollars. If losing that much money sounds horrifying to you, you'll really want to consider investing in SaaS.

One of the biggest benefits of SaaS is first, your applications are always up to date. That means a much lower chance of a breach.

Second, since all security is managed on your SaaS provider's end, the liability of preventing breaches is on their shoulders - not yours.

Between this enhanced security and reduced liability, you can migrate your data to and manage it with a quality SaaS application and not worry yourself to death while doing so.

Wrapping Up the Benefits of SaaS

The benefits of SaaS are endless. In a nutshell, SaaS makes you more nimble, saves you money, boosts security, increases productivity, and scales alongside your business.

With benefits of SaaS like those, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with reasons why you shouldn't be working with an IT professional to start migrating your processes today!

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