Top 7 Signs Your Computer is in Dire Need of Repair

Top 7 Signs Your Computer is in Dire Need of Repair

Does your business computer sound like it's going to take flight almost every time you turn it on?

That loud noise that you're hearing is most likely the fan in your computer trying to cool your PC off. A computer with an unusually noisy fan is begging for you to take it in for computer repair right away, as it could be a sign that it needs servicing.

And that's not the only sign that'll let you know it's time to consider visiting a computer repair shop. There is a long list of other issues you might encounter when your computer is in dire need of repair.

Check out these seven signs that indicate computer problems that need help from a professional.

1. Your Computer Won't Turn On

This is an obvious sign of trouble. In the event that your computer won't turn on at all, you should take it in for computer repair right away.

Before you do, you should make sure the power in your business is working. You should also check your computer's battery charge in the event that you're using a laptop.

But as long as those aren't the issues, you almost certainly have a power failure problem. You may need to replace some of the cords connected to your computer or have new parts put into it to make it run again.

2. It's Running Way Slower Than It Usually Does

Does it feel like everything you do on your computer takes forever?

Over time, most computers will slow down. It could be an indication that you have too many programs running in the background at any one time.

But, if you don't have a ton of programs running and your computer is still moving at a snail's pace, you'll need to have a professional look at it to see what's wrong. You might have a much deeper problem that's causing your computer to creep along.

You don't necessarily want to take your computer in for service the first time it slows down. Your internet speed might be causing your computer to run slower than usual.

If speed and overall performance become a problem time and time again, however, there is likely something up with your business PC.

3. Error Codes Appear When You First Boot It Up

In most instances, your computer will hint that there is a problem with it. You'll have to keep a close eye and ear out for signs of trouble.

But outside of total power failure on the part of your PC, this is pretty much the most obvious sign of all.

There are some computers that will boot up like normal before splashing error codes across the screen and putting up a bright blue screen. This is the "Blue Screen of Death."

If your computer starts flashing error codes, try to write them down and then take your computer in for repair immediately.

4. It Freezes and Won't Do Anything or Randomly Restarts Without Warning

Speaking of freezing, have you found that your computer freezes up on you all the time and then doesn't allow you to do anything?

It can be frustrating to be right in the middle of typing a report or answering an email when your computer decides to conk out on you.

In fact, the only thing more frustrating than a frozen computer might be when a computer decides that it's going to restart out of nowhere when you're working on something. A freezing computer and a computer that restarts all the time both suggest that computer repair is necessary.

5. Certain Programs Won't Open When You Attempt to Start Them

You double-click on a program to start it. Nothing happens.

You double-click on it again. Still nothing.

You double-click on a different program and it starts right up. So you try the first program again and still nothing.

You could be trying to open a corrupted program. You may have also deleted it accidentally, which would explain why it's not opening up.

If the program was working earlier and now it's causing you problems, it could be a larger issue.

Try restarting your computer and then open the program you want to use once it reboots. If it still doesn't open, computer repair should be on your radar.

6. Pop-Up Ads Flood Your Screen and Make It Impossible to See

When browsing the internet, you're bound to encounter pop-up ads every now and then. It comes with the territory.

If pop-ups are flooding your computer screen though, it could be infected with a virus or malware. You might be able to get it off by putting a little bit of work in on your own. But if you don't have the slightest clue of where to start, it's best to opt for computer repair.

7. More Than Just the Fan Starts Making Strange Noises

If your computer is making a lot of noise, your fan is probably to blame. But more than your fan can make noise and indicate a problem.

Your hard drive can also click, indicating a problem. If the hard drive is only making a little noise, that might be normal. If it won't stop clicking unless you turn your computer off, there is an issue with it.

In general, if you can't use your business computer without disturbing those around you, your computer is experiencing some kind of problem. You'll need to take it to a computer repair shop as soon as possible.

Schedule Computer Repair Today to Avoid Further PC Problems

You can't afford to have one of your business computers go down on you in the middle of a busy workday.

Look and listen for signs that indicate you're in dire need of computer repair. If you catch issues early enough, you might only need to have minor repairs made.

Contact us for more information on the managed IT services we can provide for your company. We can tackle all your computer repair needs quickly for you.

You can check out our blog as well for tips on caring for your company's computers more effectively.

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