Top 8 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Your Business

Top 8 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Your Business

Not every business has the manpower, resources or money to hire IT staff, but that doesn't mean you can neglect your IT needs.

Every organization today relies on IT in some way, so having the right level of support to deal with issues is essential. That's where the benefits of a managed IT service team comes in.

Rather than hiring the staff yourselves, you can hire a team to cover your IT support needs, whatever they are.

To help you make the decision, here are the 8 top benefits to hiring a managed IT services team for your organization.

Increase Business Productivity

You might know how to plug in a USB cable and save a Word document, but does that mean you're an IT expert?

Even in an IT-centric environment, any time you're not working on your role, you're wasting time and money. One of the advantages of managed services is that you'll increase productivity across your workforce.

This is especially true in smaller operations where IT support hasn't been a priority. If a PC goes down, who is meant to fix it?

It's not likely to be you. Rather than waste time, it's better to have managed staff at the end of the phone to resolve the issue for you.

Gain the Best IT Expertise

It's not an exaggeration--IT changes all of the time. For businesses, the cost of training staff to keep up with new developments, changes or being aware of new risks can be prohibitively expensive.

When the risk of cyber attack is only ever growing, why settle for anything less than the best skills?

Another benefit of managed services for your IT is that you don't have to worry about any of that. Training, personal development, IT knowledge--they're all covered by your managed IT service team.

Leaving you to worry about your other business operations.

Scale Your IT Operations Easily

Is your business expecting to grow exponentially in the next few years?

A headache for business planners is preparing for all the little things that growth like this can bring, like the cost of IT and the increased demand on your existing infrastructure.

Not if you hire a managed IT team.

They'll be able to deal with the problems of IT scalability in your organization. Whenever you have new staff, new mission priorities or new problems in IT to solve, they'll be able to sort it for you.

Round the Clock Support

Are you facing too many IT problems you can't fix? Then the benefits of managed IT services become clear.

We've already mentioned how productivity can be affected when you and your staff can't focus on the job at hand. If your internet network goes down at 9 am, or you can't access your files at 8 pm before a big meeting the next day, what do you do?

Most managed IT teams will have round the clock support for businesses. That's 24/7, 365 days a year. Out of hours support like this might cost extra on your agreement, but it's a valuable asset to have in an emergency.

If you're not convinced you need support this like, here are 10 obvious signs that you might need to look into hiring outsourced IT professionals.

Compliance Responsibilities Are Covered

In the last year alone, companies have been grappling with the compliance issues caused by the introduction of the European Union's GDPR legislation for data protection.

Compliance issues like these crop up on a regular basis. Your business--regardless of the industry you operate in--will be expected to comply with relevant legislation designed to protect data.

Not to mention legislation closer to home, like your HIPPA security requirements. It can be difficult to keep track and monitor these issues, which is why you can leave it to your outsourced IT services team to ensure IT compliance is being met across your team.

Here are 6 problematic IT compliance issues you'll need to prepare your business against.

Regular and Lower Cost for Services

You aren't just paying for an IT staff members' salary.

You're paying for their training, their healthcare, the equipment they might need to use, and potentially more. It can be difficult to keep track of the cost of these, and adequately prepare for them in your budget.

With a managed IT team, you don't need to worry about these costs. You get one fixed rate or a clear breakdown of the costs you pay for the services you hire.

This can help to budget your IT costs easier, as you'll be able to know exactly what you're paying for your IT support without any unexpected outlays on top.

The Best Equipment and Services

We've already mentioned how often IT develops. If you need the best staff, don't you need the best equipment, too?

That's going to cost, but if you hire an outsourced IT support team, those costs will be factored into your service level agreement.

You get the best services, the best equipment, and regular upgrades for the length of your contract. Rather than worrying about whether your business is running on out-of-date software or equipment, you'll be confident that you'll have the best.

It won't just be your business that uses the best equipment, either. Your support team will have the best equipment available to defend, prepare and maintain the day-to-day IT services you rely on.

Reduce the Risk to Your Business

On average, 60% of businesses will shut down following a catastrophic cyber attack. If you have a hole in your IT protection, you're risking everything.

Hiring an IT services team can help reduce the likelihood of that happening by giving you the expertise and protection you need to stay ahead.

They'll handle your cybersecurity defenses. They'll deal with your backups. They'll train your organization to watch out for threats.

And if things go wrong? They'll be there to put things right and get your IT equipment operational again.

Rather than risking your business, hiring a managed team for your IT needs can prepare you for the worst case scenario.

Managed IT Services Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Outsourcing your IT services team can make sense if you're looking for better management at a cheaper cost.

Rather than hiring and training staff yourselves, you can have access to well-trained staff at the top of their profession. With service level agreements in place, you can have the support you need to resolve problems, day or night.

You'll also cover your business from any potential compliance issues, as well as reduce the overall risk of damaging downtime due to a cyber attack.

Why not bring in a managed IT services team you can trust? Contact us for a consultation on the IT services we could offer your organization today.

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