6 Reasons Why Cloud Data Storage Works for Small Businesses

6 Reasons Why Cloud Data Storage Works for Small Businesses

When it comes to running a small business, cost efficiencies and time-saving strategies are critical to success. As a small business, you don't have a large team of employees that can handle every single issue that rears its head. It's also unlikely for small businesses to have an endless pool of financial resources to throw at those problems either.

This means that, as a small business, wise decisions that lead to higher productivity and more money saved matter more to you. That's especially true in today's business environment where being able to reliably store and easily access data and applications becomes increasingly important.

Cloud data storage is an ideal solution for small businesses looking to take advantage of these benefits.

Here is an overview to help you weigh whether storing your data and applications in the cloud is the best data storage solution for your small business.

1. Cloud data storage is cost-effective.

The price of cloud data storage has decreased as the technology behind it has improved. There are also many providers out there who offer the service.

These third parties store your data on remote servers or hardware. Typically, you'll pay the provider for how you use this storage space - how much space, bandwidth and sometimes data access requests, etc.

Cloud data storage is almost always cheaper than on-premise solutions, such as having your own servers stored in your facility.

When you remove that physical hardware - plus the maintenance, updates and electrical bills - from the equation, your business's bottom line benefits.

However, make sure your provider is upfront with you about their storage costs. A good cloud data storage provider shouldn't have hidden fees, will be dedicated to security and will deliver on quality.

2. No on-premise servers means more space.

As a small business owner, your resources aren't endless. When space in your building is tight, it's often not feasible to expand or move to a larger building.

Many small businesses that have on-premise servers and other data storage hardware know how much space those items occupy. There's not always a convenient closet or backroom that easily fits that equipment.

Cloud data storage completely solves this problem. Not only is the maintenance and software updates required with on-premise equipment no longer a factor, but you also can clear up space for other business activities.

3. Access the cloud - and your data - from anywhere.

If you or your employees are often on the road or off-site, then cloud data storage could be a game-changer for your business. With your data and applications stored in the cloud, you can access everything from any device that has an internet connection.

This means no more taking notes or orders in the field only to return to the office later in the day to upload the necessary information. With cloud data storage, you and your employees can be more efficient with time without having to necessarily account for location.

Whether at your desk in the office, on your laptop at home or on your phone between off-site meetings, cloud data storage connects you to your business from anywhere.

4. Cloud data storage grows with your needs

As your business grows, it's likely that your data storage needs will also increase. Cloud data storage is easily expandable, as long as you've got the right provider. Most cloud service providers will allow you to add more storage space as you go.

If your company still uses on-premise hardware, then expanding data storage capacity could get expensive. More space, in this case, means more physical equipment - which can be costly.

5. Simplify data backup and recovery.

Should the worst happen to your business's facilities you can at least know that the data and applications critical to business operations remain safe when they're stored in the cloud.

Natural disasters, such as fires, floods, severe weather etc., can cause potentially devastating problems for small businesses that store their data on-premise without any sort of backup to the cloud. Not only natural disasters, but power outages, too, can cripple - though hopefully more short-term - on-premise server hardware.

When data is stored in the cloud, your data is backed up and recoverable anytime, anywhere.

A quality cloud data storage provider should offer the ability to rapidly move large quantities of data via the Internet to make sure data backups are reliable and that the data is easily recoverable.

6. Quality cloud data storage providers become part of your team.

As a small business, your IT department probably is small or even nonexistent. With a quality, reliable cloud data storage provider, their team will become part of your team.

If you encounter situations that require some troubleshooting with your data, then a good provider will be there to lend a hand. Many providers make members of their team available 24 hours a day.

Your provider should also be able to audit your technology and service needs and recommend the right solutions and tools for your small business.

ANP offers cloud data storage and more

Data storage isn't the only cloud service that could help your business. More and more services now have cloud based solutions that make sense for small businesses.

Cloud data storage is simply one possible cloud based solution offered by ANP. Our cloud services each center on creating a secure, easy to use and highly available IT infrastructure for your business.

Whether you're looking for email services, website services, hosted PBX or even custom SaaS solutions, ANP has services that will take your businesses connectivity and accessibility to the next level.

Contact ANP to discuss your small business's needs

Though cloud data storage offers many valuable benefits to small businesses, there are situations where other solutions, including on-premise storage or a hybrid system, could be explored.

Our blog post comparing data storage solutions is an informative read if you're looking at making a data storage setup switch.

When you're ready to take the next step, ANP's technicians are on-hand to discuss with you which solution could be right for your small business.

Contact ANP today by sending a message or by calling (712) 584-2024.

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