Hardware your business needs to succeed

Hardware your business needs to succeed

Businesses run on technology. With the right hardware and software, companies of all sizes can reach more customers, be better prepared to face their competition - wherever those competitors may be - and simply operate at a higher level of efficiency in general.

But to reach that point, businesses must know that they working with reliable, high-performing hardware. When it comes to technology, everything is built around the hardware. Without the right hardware, the software and network infrastructure that drives a business’s operation can’t operate as needed. That is why it is vital for businesses to know what kind of hardware they need to accomplish tasks and get the job done right.

What follows is a basic overview of the hardware components that are most critical to a business’s success and why businesses must keep their hardware updated and performing as needed.

Computers: Desktops and/or laptops

Computers are essential for nearly every business imaginable, no matter the industry. But not every business is equipped with the best computers for meeting their needs. For the most part, that’s simply because it can often be difficult to truly understand what they need from a computer, whether that’s a desktop or a laptop.

However, no matter what type of computer you choose, there are some general tips to apply to every purchasing decision. For example, most businesses should identify a trusted and reliable brand of computer that offers the right combination of quality equipment, reasonable price and excellent customer service - even well after a purchase has been completed.

Businesses should also seek out a computer solution that will last several years and comes with equipped with hardware that can also stand the test of time, requiring little upkeep and maintenance under normal conditions.

Network equipment

Businesses’ needs for networking hardware is always expanding. A network server solution supports databases, email applications and other software that allows multiple users at any location to communicate better and share data instantly.

When weighing networking options, businesses should consider how much data storage capacity they will need, how secure the network must be and how to successfully backup all the information that is stored on the network.

This network solution of hardware and the software on which it operates is commonly referred to as the cloud, or cloud computing. Storing and accessing data in the cloud has become increasingly popular. Some businesses, especially small businesses, may choose to outsource this hardware type by relying on common cloud platforms, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or others.

Wireless modems and routers

Businesses today often need to be more mobile than ever. Jobs are often accomplished from multiple locations - whether in the field, at the office, at home or inside a local coffee shop. That of course means employees will need to equipped with computers and other mobile devices. In addition, though, a business’s location will need to be outfitted with wireless modems and routers to provide those employees with the same connectivity when they are in the office.

Modems and routers will also allow every other device in the office to connect to the internet and network, not just those who are on the move. From a organization standpoint, having wireless solutions also means fewer cables running around and creating clutter in the workspace.

Most routers available today come with firewalls, too, adding a layer of network security. This allows a system administrator to restrict networks only to trusted computers.


Although some businesses are attempting to go paperless, many still require some sort of printing solution for contracts, legal documents, simple marketing materials and more. Even if a business does not normally need printed documents, a quality, reliable printer is still a necessity.

Not only can having a printer on hand be useful when trying to share information with others via hardcopy, it also can save a business on printing costs for simple print jobs. Plus, purchasing a simple printer is very affordable.

Smartphones and tablets

Businesses with employees who are frequently working away from the office may want to equip their employees with mobile devices to help them accomplish tasks from anywhere. The upfront cost also is quickly recouped, too.

By providing devices like smartphones and tablets to their employees, companies can help boost productivity. There are a number of productivity benefits that smartphones and tablets provide to users that desktop and laptop computers don’t offer, or at least don’t offer at the same level. This includes vast catalogs of apps designed with mobility in mind.

There is also something to be said for having a mobile device on hand that allows the user to leave the laptop behind and still accomplish every job duty that comes their way.

Why the right hardware matters

A business that installs and utilizes the right hardware is setting itself up for boosted employee and company productivity, expanded client and customer engagement capabilities and, ideally, increased profit margins. Advanced Network Professionals and our skilled technicians are wholly committed to making sure that every business we work for has been set up with the hardware, software and network equipment that it needs to realize this success.

If you are prepared to discuss what hardware updates and upgrades could do for your business, then give us a call. Our techs will evaluate what you currently have on hand and then make recommendations on the best possible solutions for your company.

From there, we’ll even coordinate purchasing and installation to ensure the equipment is ready to perform that way it should. ANP can also provide your business with a short or long-term IT plan that sets the proper course for your technology needs, but also is flexible enough to change and grow with your business.

Request a quote to get started

Are you ready to improve the way your business operates through updated or upgraded hardware? Request a quote from ANP today and we will work with you to find the hardware that meets your needs, fits your budget and gets you back to focusing on what matters: running your business.

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