Cloud computing saved education during the pandemic

Cloud computing saved education during the pandemic

M.D. Cloud computing is beyond moving data storage and management to the cloud.

The education sector at all levels was grossly affected by the impact of the pandemic. As it was in the global economy and its attendant effect on businesses, it was for education. With the emergence of vacant classrooms, there was the need for a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and, that is where cloud computing came in handy.

Since the lockdown, every educational institution has faced unprecedented disruption as the pandemic made them transit to the online space faster than they had envisaged. 43% of higher institutions of learning have adopted cloud computing. It enables organizations to leverage vastly superior resources they can maintain. It also gives room for students and teachers to operate remotely. Cloud computing may appear overwhelming to some educational facilities coupled with those institutions that are reluctant to make technological changes. These institutions, especially universities and schools, need to change to remain relevant in the education sector and deliver an enhanced experience for their students and staff.

The advantages of cloud computing in education

Cloud computing is beyond moving data storage and management to the cloud. While that is an aspect of it, there are other advantages. These include:

· Fewer upfront costs: several decades ago, educational institutions invested lots of money for their software. The moment a more recent version emerged, they had to purchase another one. Presently, it is possible to pay a low, predictable monthly cost instead of an expensive license.

· Less reliance on hardware: cloud computing services do not need expensive servers and end-user devices because teachers and students rely less on expensive hardware whereas, cloud resources are accessed anywhere.

· More accurate lesson plans. Cloud computing gives room for updates to be pushed to class materials and textbooks quickly. It ensures that students are using the best materials for learning.

· Cloud computing makes students and teachers learn and teach in their own time, making them happier and more effective.

Things to consider before switching to the cloud

Despite the evident benefits of cloud computing, some people refrain from switching to the cloud. It's usually a matter of resources. Besides, many schools may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cloud migration and may need a managed expert to help. Before switching, consider the following:

· What needs does your organization have that have not been met? Your organization might be dealing with outdated software or may be experiencing difficulties with the maintenance of hardware. Your IT department may be overwhelmed and may need assistance from IT consultants, or you may have old legacy solutions that need overhauling.

· Are there existing concerns relating to existing programs and data? Can the data be transferred? To avoid disruption, you want to be able to access your organization's data without any losses. It may be necessary for this transition to take place outside business hours.

· Is a hybrid solution or fully cloud better for your school? Cloud solutions are more flexible, but some people will argue for on-premises solutions because they are more secure. Presently, many organizations are choosing hybrid models comprising on-premises and cloud technology. Consider the option that is suitable for you.

The moment you can successfully answer these questions, you will make better decisions regarding the technology. As an educator, you may not find a cloud transition easy especially, if you use outdated technology, but it is gradually becoming an industry standard.

How to switch to the cloud

The best way to do this is to use specialists who can implement cloud computing across your entire infrastructure. Specialists like ANP can audit your existing systems, review your current situation, and ensure that you have a system that functions well for you with minimal disruption. You will not go through the process alone, and your employees will get back to work as soon as possible. You can rest assured of continued support from specialists after installing the cloud computing solution. It is also needful for the employees of your organization to get properly trained. The summer holidays are usually good for making major transitions like these because it safeguards any issues that may arise, and the time needed to resolve them.

The effects of a switch to the cloud without a managed service provider or an expert specialist are not desirable. Cloud solutions are entirely different, and those with a purely traditional approach to education might be easily lost.

The cloud is the new normal.

Switching to the cloud is becoming a virtual necessity. With many employees working more remotely, it is only a matter of time before the education sector becomes fully submerged. Cloud computing is easy, convenient, simple to use, and affordable. Even the institutions that have not switched will eventually do so. As an education professional, it is your responsibility to look more into cloud computing in education and the possibilities that come with it. Tech in education has come a long way from old-school computer labs to Ipads and Chromebooks. As an industry with tight budgets and strong resistance to change, this transition will not come rapidly. However, the emergence of the pandemic may likely fastrack the process. The effect of the pandemic cut across industries and sectors as many organizations suddenly saw the need for cloud computing. Due to the legacy systems in place, innovation in education may appear far-fetched. Fortunately, many of the challenges that Covid 19 presented in education becomes minimal with cloud computing, right from kindergarten to higher education or ed-tech. it is no more news that education-focused cloud computing will hit an estimated market value of $25 billion

The choice is yours

IT managed services offer your school the opportunity to take your teaching and learning experience to be in tune with present-day realities. ANP is a trusted partner providing managed firewall, network security server management, malware removal, wireless network, and other IT-related services. Contact us today if you want to get the best of your IT investments.

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