A secure data and recovery system is key to the sustainability of the business. Imagine a fire breaks out at your office and burns it down. How long will it take you to recover and get back to business? You might have insured your business against such an instance, but how do you get back all the data you have taken years to build? It is, therefore, helpful for a company to invest in the best secondary data and recovery systems. Below are a few reasons why outsourcing this service would work for you.

Building a company worth millions is not as easy as many people think. Business people can tell stories of the countless times they have picked themselves up and started over. It is a result of a mistake that cost them millions. A company's data is helpful to a business as it is the guide for impactful decisions. For instance, if you want to know which commodity your customers love more, data analytics will help you know which product was fast moving among a variety.

Keeping this data safe is, therefore, one of the priorities of many businesses. A question that comes to mind for many business owners is, should I host my secondary data systems internally, or is outsourcing the best option? We will share some of the advantages of outsourcing services that will help you make a more informed business decision.

More focus on the core business.

You just opened a hotel, and the number projections are looking promising. Your principal focus is on improving the customer experience to increase the visits. If the services are outstanding, your customers become loyal. You need a secure data recovery system where you store all your customer data. Remember, the data will help you learn the trends and make the next huge decision for your business. After you outsource the data recovery system, you no longer have to worry about data breaches internally or externally. In some instances, the staffs also contribute to data breaches. This way, you will focus more on how to grow the business and make more profit.

Money and Cost saving

Running an in-house secondary data system that is dependable costs money and time. You require a team with continuous training on different aspects of data recovery. A focus on data recovery systems might result in other business departments slowing down. The reason is that there are several expectations for setting up an in-house disaster plan to ensure preparedness for any outcome. All the above requires an investment of funds. When you outsource services to a company with vast knowledge will cost less money than running it in-house.

It also saves you the cost of hiring an experienced expert who understands the process because the main core business of the company is outsourced services, and they already have the professional. It eliminates instances of trial and error from within the team.

Customer experience

The experience a customer gets when they visit a business premise contributes to whether they will become a loyal customer or not. Time management in service delivery is also a contributing factor to customer loyalty. Having an outsourced secondary data and recovery system will reduce instances of downtime. It is because the company is constantly monitoring your systems. A team is on standby to receive your calls and fix any issues that might arise. This way, you are assured that your customers are well taken care of digitally, and due to the reduced service delivery time, they might consider returning.


For a company to function without legal issues, compliance is a cue. There are different requirements for data security and network security that each company needs. Can you imagine that stress that comes with ensuring your company is compliant? One legal issue is enough to bring down a company built over the years. If you outsource services such as data recovery, they will take care of all the legal documents you require to run your business. When these are not among the things you are worried about, you can focus more on your customers.

Protection and response time

When you are working with an internal team, there is only a definite limit you can push them to deliver because it shifts to a human resource issue. When you have an outsourced company, you have the right to propel them to deliver within a specific timeline. The agreement includes timelines set to deliver hence making it easier to push for results faster. Remote work has also brought in a need for data security. It is because most people keep logging into the systems from different regions, and you are unaware of who is around them. It poses a risk of an attack due to the changes in IP addresses logging into the systems.


Data back-up and recovery systems are helpful to each business irrespective of their size and processes. You ought to secure them as you cannot predict what will happen in the future. A ransomware attack or a natural disaster can bring down what you worked hard to build.

If you need support in knowing what outsourced data solutions you need for your company, Advanced Network Professionals are here to help. We offer a variety of solutions and work with your company model to deliver the best. Reach out to us today and let us manage your IT so you focus on the core of your business. We work round the clock to ensure IT-related issues will never disrupt your business.

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